Forensic Innovation Unleashed: A Recap of Oxygen’s 2023 Upgrades as We Zoom into 2024

In a transformative year for digital forensics, Oxygen Forensic® Detective has unveiled groundbreaking updates and introduced two cutting-edge products in 2023. As we usher in 2024, a recap highlights the software’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and elevating the quality of findings in the realm of digital investigations.

The flagship solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, has been continually fortified, with the revolutionary Oxygen Analytic Center standing out. This real-time, browser-based collaborative tool empowers investigators with advanced features such as social links analysis, powerful searches, and comprehensive data reports, reflecting Oxygen Forensic’s dedication to innovation.

Another significant addition to the toolkit is the Oxygen Corporate Explorer, a leap forward in digital forensics. Offering live and remote extraction for both mobile (Apple iOS and Android) and desktop environments (Windows, macOS, and Linux), it extends its reach to corporate cloud services. The tool’s versatility is further accentuated by targeted, remote, and onsite data collection methods, streamlining investigative processes and emphasizing analysis over manual data gathering.

Updates to mobile data extraction showcase Oxygen Forensic’s strategic move to stay ahead. Expanded support for MTK and UNISOC-based devices, improved Android FFS and APK Downgrade methods, and fortified iOS Agent approach underscore the software’s commitment to navigating the evolving mobile device landscape.

In the cloud data extraction arena, Oxygen Forensic® Detective boasts compatibility with 105 services, introducing support for platforms like Huawei Health, LastPass, Clubhouse, Bumble, and Google Messages. The software’s ability to harness data from diverse cloud sources solidifies its standing as a comprehensive solution for cloud-based forensic analysis.

A revolutionary addition is the brute force module, Oxygen Forensic® KeyDiver, enabling the decryption of encrypted partitions and files. The software’s commitment to comprehensive data recovery is evident with the ability to decrypt partitions using BitLocker and VeraCrypt keys, coupled with the implementation of deleted data recovery for various file systems.

Diverse data sources integration enhances the software’s toolkit, incorporating evidence from Berla iVe backups, inflight drone logs, Telegram Exported Data, Tinder archives, Instagram Account Copy, and more. The integrated translation tool further revolutionizes data analysis by supporting 20 language pairs, allowing for seamless translation of messages and facilitating a more accessible and comprehensive analysis of multilingual digital evidence.

In essence, the 2023 updates reaffirm Oxygen Forensic® Detective’s dedication to innovation, providing investigators with a powerful and holistic toolkit across mobile, cloud, computer, import, and analysis domains. As digital forensic landscapes evolve, Oxygen Forensic® Detective remains an indispensable ally, arming investigators with the latest tools and capabilities essential for navigating the complexities of modern digital investigations. Explore all Oxygen Forensic® Detective updates to delve into the full spectrum of advancements and improvements.

To find out more about the updates, head onto this link: Top Updates to Our Solutions in 2023 – Digital Forensic Innovations (

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